1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Selection of Presiding Officer
4. Roll Call
a. Roll Call
5. Meeting Agenda
a. Approval of Meeting Agenda
6. Call to the Public
7. Approval of Consent Agenda
a. Approve Payment of Bills

Move to approve the bills as presented for payment.

documentAgenda Item Printout
a. Bills for 12.05.17
b. Approve Post Audit of Disbursements Between Board Meetings

Move to approve the presented disbursements under the post-audit resolution.

documentAgenda Item Printout
a. Post Audit Bills List 11.22.17
b. Payroll for 11.30.17
c. Minutes of Nov 21, 2017 7:00 PM
d. Approve Budget Amendment (204 & 401 Funds) for Village Improvements ($35,875)

Approve the budget amendment for the reallocation of the Village Area Streetscape funds to the appropriate accounts.

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e. Approve Bluewater Technologies Proposal for Video Equipment ($17,170)

Approve the proposal from Bluewater Technologies for high definition streaming video equipment from the PEG Cable Fund, in the amount of $17,170.

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a. Streaming Upgrade Proposal
f. Approve 2018 Strategic Plan & Staff Action Plan

Motion to approve the 2018 Strategic Plan and Staff Action Plan.

documentAgenda Item Printout
a. 2018 Strategic Plan
b. 2018 Staff Action Plan
c. 2018 Board Work Sessions
8. Applicant
a. Special Use Permit #17-016, Bella Vita Senior Living Facility

"Move to approve Special Land Use application #17-016 based on the findings and conditions outlined in the Planning Director's recommended action":

1.              The Planning Commission recommended approval of the proposed Special Use Permit, a nursing home care facility, at its regular meeting on November 16, 2017.


2.              The Township Board has determined the proposed special use, a nursing home care facility, meets the intent and purposes of the Ordinance as well as the specific Special Use standards outlined in Section 6.6., as the nursing home is a residentially-related use which is permitted as a special land use in the CA -Conservation Agricultural zoning district.


3.              The Township Board has determined the proposed use enhances the natural environment with the incorporation of a diverse mix of landscape material as part of the project, which will also be a benefit to future land uses in the area.


4.              The Township Board has determined the proposed use is compatible with the Hartland Township Comprehensive Plan, which designates this area as Multiple Family Residential. Nursing care facilities are permitted as a special land use in single-family and multiple-family zoning districts.


5.              The Township Board has determined the proposed use is adequately served by essential facilities and public services. Public water and sanitary sewer will be extended to serve the proposed facility and has the potential to serve future expansions of the use. The Planning Commission has determined the proposed use is adequately served by an existing roadway, being Highland Road, and the Fire Authority has no objections.


6.              The Township Board has determined the proposed use is of low impact to the community and will not be detrimental, hazardous, or disturbing to the existing or future neighboring uses, persons, or the public welfare. The low intensity use serves as a buffer between potential commercial/offices uses along Highland Road and adjacent single-family zoning to the north and east.


7.              The Township Board has determined the proposed use will be an economic asset to the community and will not create additional requirements at public cost for public facilities as the proposed facility will be privately run and maintained.


Approval of the Special Use Permit is subject to the following conditions:

1.              The proposed nursing home care facility shall obtain Site Plan approval and be maintained in compliance with the approved Site Plan, as well as all associated conditions.


documentAgenda Item Printout
a. Bella Vita Staff report
b. 1. DPW REview Letter dated 092517
c. 2. HRC Review Letter dated 110317
d. 3. Hartland Deerfield Fire Review letter 091517
e. 4. Bella Vita - Cover
f. 5. Bella Vita - C1
g. 6. Bella Vita - C2
h. 7. Bella Vita - C3
i. 8. Bella Vita - C4
j. 9. Bella Vita - C5
k. 10. Bella Vita - C6
l. 11. Architecural Plans
9. Pending & New Business
a. Heritage Park - Memorandum of Agreement - Amendment No. 4

Approve the Heritage Park Agreement Amendment No. 4.

documentAgenda Item Printout
a. Heritage Park Amendment No. 4
b. Heritage Park Amendment No. 3
c. HAYAA-HCSA Amendment No. 2
d. HAYAA-HCSA Amendment No. 1
e. HAYAA-HCSA Agreement
f. Heritage Park Amendments History
10. Board Reports
[Brief Recess]
11. Information / Discussion
a. Post Construction Park Update

Board review and questions

documentInformational Item Printout
a. Hartland Township Park Improvements Executive Summary
b. 2017 2018 2019 CIP cash flows 11.29.17
b. Manager's Report
a. October 2017 Financial Report

Board Review and Questions

documentInformational Item Printout
a. October FY18 Financial Review
b. October FY18 Rev Exp
c. Manager - 2018 Goals
12. Adjournment